QUASAR : Supported Language

Practical Hints when using Quasar for analyzing your programs

All task declarations, all protected object declaration, all global variable declaration must appear at the first block level : there should be no hierarchy among these elements.

If your program contains dynamic declarations somewhere (by means of "new" clauses and access types), you can nevertheless analyses the concurrency behavior of your program if you can replace these dynamic elements by declaring fixed size arrays of elements and using array indexes instead of pointers.

If feasible, build your example with a set of cyclic tasks.

Avoid forbidden and not yet implemented features, of course.

Forbidden and not yet implemented features may be sliced in the first step of Quasar. Thus you may have a resulting model which does not reflect your real problem. The sliced part of your program is displayed in shaded form. Use it to check your understanding of language constraints. This will allow you to concentrate your effort on rewriting only the compulsory part of your program.

Forbidden and not yet implemented features may also lead to situations where Quasar cannot proceed. Usually, these situations of rejection of your code are commented. However in the current stage of development, we cannot guarantee that this will always be the case and Quasar may stop without warning. If this happen, contact rousseau@cnam.fr for signaling this anomaly and for getting help for analyzing your program.

last update : 20/10/2005